Darkness falls

from by Jonas Selander

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The rich walk the streets
they can choose not to give anything
to the people begging for food
Men in suits complain about the economy they created
they blame common people for what we always hated
and their wealth is produced in foreign lands
kids work 14 hours a day for their suit and tie-brand
the only right thing to do right now
is to smash out their teeth as they're walking down the street
steal all their money and send them to these kids
to buy back all the factories and get things fixed

And it wouldn't just be make believe if you just believed in me

While darkness falls and stars they shine
we gather 'round a bonfire drinking wine
dreaming about the world and how it could be
without bosses, their guns and their money
when the rich don't walk the streets
the roads be full of flowers
the shopping malls be homes for bees and hungry tigers
and plants will grow on the factory walls
all the kids that worked there are now safe at home
the bosses are busy building banks into schools
no need for homes for money when all is common property
and no need for your boss when your work place is a democracy

And it wouldn't just be make believe if you just believed in me
And it's not only a paper moon


from Shake all the fences, released August 10, 2017




Jonas Selander Gothenburg, Sweden

I'm Jonas from Gothenburg Sweden. I write songs on my own and with my band The Rotten Pichas.

Talk to me if you wanna busk or record or just hang out!

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